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    Mix over 600 items in one container
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    Over $12M of stock globally
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    Visit our 15,000M2 factory/warehouse
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    Deal direct with the factory
  • We constantly develop and produce trend led products ready to sell fast, you can choose from over 600 items to fill your container, so your order is exactly what you need.

  • Our factory is constantly producing beautiful products ready for dispatch, we currently hold $12m of stock for you to select what you need and can dispatch within 7 days.

  • Find out more about how we work and what we can offer you with a visit to our 15,000m factory, where you can see the scale and quality of our production operation.

  • All your order are sent straight to factory so they can start processing the request and make sure we get your items to you in the fastest possible timeframe.

quality furniture globally


Kettle Interiors Direct is the real mixed container specialist, providing quality furniture globally

Who we are

Kettle Interiors Direct is a successful, family owned business with over 30 years’ experience in the furniture industry, from designing and developing new lines to manufacturing and shipping our products to you anywhere in the world.

The Kettle family have an ethos to create an easy, mixable container program of over 30 collections with design and most of all value at heart.

We have built up a manufacturing base in Vietnam and China with nearly 1000 members to our team covering all the crucial skillsets that are required to perform to the highest standards such as sourcing, CAD drawing, wood cutting and sanding, CNC operation, assembling, spraying, Quality Control, packing, testing, warehousing, Supervising and Managing. We have invested in local people refining a local trade utilising their knowledge and our experience to excel within our industry.

Plus with service and sales teams coming from our European and Australasian teams our infrastructure is what enables us to be on hand to help you.

What we do

We design and manufacture beautiful furniture from quality materials, ready to ship globally within 30 days to give you fast access to our cabinet furniture inventory helping you to grow your business.

The choice of styles from our collections is vast, from striking aged effect solid oak and acacia through to pine and painted styles, there is a style to suit everyone.

Each collection is carefully designed to meet the trends that are selling fast, along with quality manufacturing touches such as dovetail joints and soft close drawers and doors.

Some collections are made available with multiple handle styles to allow your customers to customise the final look to suit them perfectly.

We source all our raw materials from timber to lacquer and even bespoke hardware. This level of control gives us consistency of quality and an unrivalled lead time that our customers have come to rely on.

MN Bedroom Range


Alongside our extensive collections we are perfectly positioned to develop bespoke collections, working with our design team you can tap into their passion and skills to the specific style requirements you have and allows us to develop a solution that provides you style, quality and value.

Furniture Containers

How we work

We deal with trade only customers, once you have opened an account you will be given full access to our website, where you can choose from over 800 products that can be mixed in once container without minimum order quantities.

Your order goes directly to our office, who will check all the details and contact you to confirm anticipated shipping date raise a deposit invoice and start preparing your order for dispatch.

We have over 300 containers ready to be shipped within 7 -30 days so your order can be with you in the fastest time possible.

You can utilise our resourceful website which offers online ordering, downloadable files on each product allowing you to get on with your business regardless of time zone. So you can enjoy the freedom of working direct with the manufacturer without the limitations.

 “We are an ever-evolving business making sure we continue to raise the standards within the industry and explore new techniques to ensure our customers enjoy the experience of dealing with us and maintain good profitability” says Simon Ainge, Sales Director.